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Incredible Cycling Experience

With the advantage of having large amount of space at countrylake, you will find yourself enjoying the cyling experience here. We have a cycling route within the resort which is around 1.5 kilometres per laps. The highlight of this route is during the dusk, there is a viewpoint where you will get a view of beatiful lake and sunset. Furthurmore, at this spot you can see the locals netting for fish

There are many cycling routes outside the resort as we are located quite far from the main road. There are a lot of smaller roads which lead you to amazing destinations such as Rice Field, Local Villages and Fruits Plantations. NOTE : If you are lucky you will meet local's herds of cow

"Its amazing, we visit the rice field just when the locals are there. They even let us try to plant the rice! - Alizabeth Drew"

Supaporn Prach-umpai

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